Earnie Bailey: Tribute To Dave

Earnie Bailey Photo

Earnie Bailey, one of America’s most celebrated guitar techs and head technician for major groups and individuals, talks about his contacts with Dave Bunker.  https://youtu.be/1PytLEUIv_E

Dave Bunker 1935 – 2021

Dave Bunker

Dave Bunker died of a heart attack on Thursday morning, March 18, 2021. He was the last person to think it was his time to leave us. He was energetically preparing for another decade or more of work before him.   https://youtu.be/9d8K72ZUV18

Build Your Own Guitar

Bunker Touch Guitar: Electronics

Build your own guitar? Can I do it? How do I begin? What do I need? What are the steps involved? Hear Dave Bunker help you lay the groundwork. https://youtu.be/JKhP2N0Bggo

How To Process Guitar Wood

Bunker Guitars Tone Woods Examples

The Process of Guitar Wood finishing is critical to its sound, durability, and overall quality. Identify those critical factors here…and be sure to send us your other questions. https://youtu.be/7yAydf12ktk

About Bunker Basses

Bunker Bass

Bass Guitars by Bunker Guitars. This is everything you need to know, and if there is anything else besides academic questions like the Capitol of Chile or how many years we have left to live because of global warming…please let us know.  https://youtu.be/8U7ySxQ5I_E

How To Fix Worn Guitar Frets

Close Up Fret Board

Come into the weeds with Dave as he presents a Do It Yourself explanation of how to repair or replace worn guitar frets.  This was also a question posted on Quora.com. https://youtu.be/HZZVOz_8EOE

Is Mahogany The Best Guitar Wood

Mahogany Wood

Hear long-time luthier, and former logger, Dave Bunker, give his opinion about Mahogany when used to construct guitars. Is it too heavy? How is the tonality? Are there better woods?  https://youtu.be/FTBY5FutEAc

Why I Became a Luthier

Guitar Neck

Luthier is not a commonly heard name. Hear Dave Bunker talk about why he became one, and ultimately had a great impact on the guitar industry.  https://youtu.be/vTeLvdM2Z60

Value of Individual Bridges

Improving tone, cutting cross-talk by 60 percent or more, separating strings, easier tuning, cleaner sound, quicker reaction. Hear Dave answer why your guitar can benefit from Individual Bridges.   https://youtu.be/SXA5auysMnc

Are Double Necks Legit?

Bunker Touch Guitar

Country and Rock bands both use double-neck guitars. Hear Dave Bunker talk about his own experience with their use. And if you’d like to learn more about the Touch Guitar, you’ll find a lot more about its history, SPECS, and FAQs within our pages. https://youtu.be/Sw9XAnZ7SQc Photo Credits from YouTube: oleracoon, blackeyedjoe, Rush, Old Tapes

Why Tapered Guitar Necks

One of Bunker Guitars Basses Neck

Why tapered guitar necks anyway? In this video Dave Bunker explains whether this long tradition is important or not.

Parallel Guitar Strings

Parallel Guitar Strings

Parallel Guitar Strings on a straight neck make fingering easier from the first to the eighth fret by widening the distance between strings.

Capo and Guitar Necks

Guitar Capo

The guitar capo changes chord pitch on the guitar. Watch Dave Bunker as he gives his explanation.

Credit For Inventing Tapping?

Jimmy Webster

I was honored to see Stanley Jordan reply to my answer (posted on YouTube and Quora). While Jordan and van Halen did not invent tapping, they both embody the very best of its potential. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fw0jq4VAkg Photo Credits in order: Gretsch, Joe Mabel, and Carl Lender

Redd Foxx at the Golden Nugget

Redd Foxx Publicity Photo

The Dave Bunker Band, for most of the ten years at the Golden Nugget, was to do what was called swing-relief. We would do five shows a day from Wednesday through Saturday. We would then headline on Sunday going directly into the graveyard shift and get off at 6:00 am on Monday morning. We were […]