Stump to Stage Guitars

Stump to Stage guitars are built from the ground up by Bunker Guitars. We’re the only American guitar manufacturer that controls the luthier process of crafting entire instruments from Stump to Stage™. This means that we locate the finest tone woods, mill it at our logging site and then in our own shops. Even more importantly, we age and cure it. Then we design and assemble our guitars. Finally, we sell directly to our customers. We are the oldest continual guitar manufacturer in America. 

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Bunker Guitars Tone Woods Examples
Stump to Stage: Manufacturing at Bunker Guitars

Stump to Stage means that we can guide and control the whole activity of guitar making. Dave’s early experience as a logger (and musician) in Washington’s far northwest forests, started him on this road. His invention, crafting and patenting of the popular Touch Guitar thrust him unexpectedly into the guitar industry. As a result, he became quite an accomplished luthier. So he combined his skill as a logger to help him locate different tone woods for his guitars. Dave consequently discovered that his many inventions were sought after by other musicians. So he accommodated! 

It all led to a Stump to Stage process for building fine guitars. Most noteworthy is the choice of woods for Bunker Guitars. Dave talks about those differences.

Tone Woods Explained by Dave Bunker

Stump to Stage Guitars machinery
Stump to Stage Guitars Workshop
Stump to Stage: Milling tone woods
Stump to Stage: Manufacturing at Bunker Guitars
Stump to Stage: Logging Maple for Bunker Guitars

Likewise, the manufacturing process  for guitars is significant. Not just the wood, but the processing of it is important to the final product. While there is the very crucial “hands-on” process that finalizes each guitar, it’s the refining down to that point that can never be ignored. 

Before the Luthier ever hand-crafts his guitar, it follows a long process of refinement by men and machinery. Every single step is important. And at Bunker Guitars, we do it all in our Stump to Stage Guitar process.