Guitar With Tuner On the Body Bunker Envy

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Bunker Envy

Guitars like this first introduced by the Bunkers back in the70s.  Originally the Pro Star this is the most modern version.   It features the patented Sustanium Tension Free Neck with a life warranty on the neck.  

  • That means?
  • More Sustain
  • More Clarity

Easier to Play ( less string tension.  LIghter touch and easier to bend strings.                     

  • Figure carved maple top.  
  • Semi hollow body with f hole.  
  • Natural Semi Gloss low build finish for better tone.  
  • Stump to Stage Construction,  David Sr.  selects and cuts trees and hand selects the woods for look and tone.  
  • Special Sperzel Tuners,  
  • Seymour Duncan pickups.  
  • Coil taps for very wide range of tones and sounds.
  • Bunker individual bridge make of bell brass and provide for better sustain, tone and ability to adjust your setup.
  •  Sculptured heel for better access up the body to the 24 fret.  Original fine tuner behind the bridge.  These are truly amazing guitars.

Micheal Mayor Recording Artist and Customer                                                               I have several guitars Taylors, PRS, Martins,  Fenders,    But This  Bunker Envy sounds better and outplays all of them.  It is my favorite guitar to play.

These models start  at $2960.00  Factory Direct.  We build them to order you can order them just like this we will ship in 60 days.  or call 801 455-4493 to customize orders.