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Washington State native DAVE BUNKER has been called the "extremist in guitar invention"by prominent guitar magazines such as Guitar World , Guitar Player and others. His (TM)Touch Guitar is rapidly gaining national and international popularity. In 1965 While entertaining in Las Vegas, Nevada Dave started building custom guitars and basses for his band and other top artist.

Dave has been a resident of the Tacoma/Seattle area for over 35 years. He and his father Joe built and patented thefirst Bunker (TM)Touch Guitar in 1961, it is the second patented string instrument in the USA. The unique instrument was built with two necks; one for playing lead and the other for playing Bass. It is designed specifically for the"tapping" technique. The strings are touched or tapped instead of being plucked or strummed, allowing both necks to be played at the same time. 

Dave first introduced his double necked Touch Guitar on Red Foley's "Jubilee USA" an ABC"Ranch Party" TV program which was being hosted at the time by Eddy Arnold who was very impressed with the Touch Guitar even then, in 1989 Dave Performed on the Ralph Emery show in Nashville Tn. Over the years, the design has been updated as new technology became available and is now a very dynamic "New musical instrument for the 21st century". 

With three decades if experience as a guitar builder, luthier and musician, Dave Bunker has evolved into a many faceted entertainer. Dave's career includes over two decades as one of Las Vegas Nevada's top lounge acts and performed for military audiences around the world. Dave has performed along side of such greats as Barbara Mandrell, Louise Mandrell, Waylon Jennings, Judy Lynn, Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Merle Haggard and many others. One of Dave's more enjoyable experiences was entertaining on cruise Ship 

Over the past 30years Dave has not only built guitars and Basses for many top artist, but has also built many thousands of great guitars and basses which are now sought after by collector's. Dave is now the president of Bunker Guitar Technology of Mill Creek Washington. Another notch in Dave's career as a guitar builder was when in 1994 Ibanez Guitar company of Japan contracted for his company PBC Guitar Technology, to build high quality American made guitars for Ibanez. The ATK bass built for Ibanez was voted by the wholesaler/retailer magazine as the best bass of the year in 1995. 

In June of 2000 The popular Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine did a cover story(also featured on the front page of the Sunday edition) on the History of Dave and the (TM)Touch Guitar. The Seattle Times picked this story to run with the opening of the Paul Allen Experience Music guitar museum which opened June 24, 2000. 

On September 11th, 2001 Dave was booked into New York to play for the opening of the American Crafts Museum exibit Objects for use-Hand made by design, only to land at 8:05 on that fatefull morning. 

In early 2002 Dave started a company called "Bunker Guitars and Tone Woods" of Lake Stevens Washington to form the very first from "From Stump to Stage©" Guitar company, We find and log the wood then build them into the finest guitars money can buy and perform with them on stage. 

Dave continues to demonstrate the (TM)Touch Guitar along with other of his patented products at trade shows throughout the world and when time permits still performs at special occasions.

Five Generations of Craftsmanship & Guitar Building Experience

The Bunker family has been in the music industry for decades. Back in 1978 Dave Bunker introduced the worlds first headless guitars with a patented fine tuning system. His son David also became deeply involved in prototype and product development and construction of limited production guitars and basses. But this was not the beginning. Take a step back to the 50s when David Bunker Sr. left the woods and started his musical career. He became aaccomplished guitarist, bought one of the first 3 Fender guitars in the state of Washington

The Senior Bunker then became very interested in the tapping technique for playing guitar. This led to his invention of the Dual Lectar and the original floating neck to take the pressure of the hammer on style of playing the guitar and bass, which later become the basis for the Tension Free Neck.