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Dave Bunker with Touch Guitar
Dave Bunker
Dave Bunker


Although Bunker Guitars today builds many different award-winning models of guitar, Dave Bunker initially developed, built and patented the precursor to the double neck Touch Guitar in 1955. Read more about the history of his tapping instrument in our pages.

Young Dave was a logger in Washington State’s far northwest. But he loved to play guitar when he got home. He developed and built the first version of his Touch Guitar with his dad. It is now the second major patented American stringed musical instrument.


The Touch Guitar caused quite an immediate sensation and led Bunker to a ten-year gig in Las Vegas. 

Many U.S. Patents were granted to the initial touch guitar, and the latest patent (called the “Digitar” board) will be introduced in a few months. Wow!

It is simply

Dave Bunker

Dave Bunker

Dave has been building guitars for more than 60 years. He has introduced many innovations that are now considered features of the finest, custom-made instruments.

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