Treker Classic '56

The Treker Classic ’56 looks much like your everyday lead guitar. The common style mimics a popular stage guitar often seen today. But inside, there are huge differences. Like for instance the award winning Sustanium Tension Free Neck™. This is the identical neck that Ibanez Guitars asked us to incorporate into their own instruments.

And we were determined to make this guitar affordable. So we did.

The result is a quality American made guitar at a very competitive price. You’ll absolutely love it!

Treker Classic 56
Treker Classic '56

Treker Classic '56 Benefits

The Treker Classic '56


  • More sustain
  • Consistent tone on all neck parts 
  • Less neck tension
  • Easier to bend strings
  • Lifetime warranty on neck 
  • Even, balanced tone 
  • Easier to adjust
  • Better clarity of tone
  • One volume, two tones
  • Five-position selector pickup switch
  • Treker pickups: one high output humbucker with  two single coils
  • Wilkinson stud mount tremelo
  • Lock-in tune with graphite nut
  • Noise-free controls

Dave Bunker:

“We wanted to build the Treker Classic ’56 around our heralded neck. But we also wanted more value. So we added our CNC capability. Then came our electronic wizardry, automatic paint lines and American parts. We topped our new venture off by pricing this guitar very competitively.

Our family based luthiers couldn’t wait to invest their own talents. So we let them go to work!

The end result was a high quality American made guitar at a very competitive price. We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!”

Treker Classic '56
Treker Classic '56 guitar.
Neck Bunker Guitars Classic '56
Classic '56

“It’s now a guitar that will simply outperform anything in its class. The neck itself is enough reason to want this guitar. Why is it so good? Because of the eliminated tension, and its ability to add sustain and consistent tone. 

What we crafted is an instrument that has great features and benefits, at an incredibly affordable price.”

Read the SPECS on this guitar to understand its value in any performance setting. And don’t forget, the Sustanium Tension Free Neck™ comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means we’ll always stand behind it. Always. With this classic guitar, you can never go wrong!