The Classic "STATS"

Bunker Guitars Classic "Stats" Deluxe

The Classic “STATS” Deluxe (shown on the left) is one of Bunker’s four Classic “STATS” models. All four of these guitars reflect the tried and proven guitar that remains a Classic in our industry. But we make it even better. How? We bring our patented ideas and recognized advanced technology, to deliver you an improved Classic Guitar.

Classic Stats Deluxe

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All Four Classic Guitars Have

  • S  Sustain increased with better playability
  • T  Tension Free with less string tension 
  • Amazing clarity and presence
  • T  Tone with more resonant highs, mids and lows 
  • Stability, superior sustain and adjustability 
Classic Stats Deluxe
Five Classic Bunker Guitars

And We Offer Three More Models

Treker Classic '56
Classic "STATS" Natural
Classic "STATS "Vintage

The Pro-Star Envy

Pro-Star Envy bass
Original 1960s Pro-Star Bass

In Dave’s Las Vegas Show, the specially designed Pro-Star Envy was:

• lighter in weight

• easier and faster to tune in concert

• comfortable for active stage use

Pro-Star Envy bass tuning keys
Pro-Star Bass Tuning Keys

In the late 1970s, Dave introduced his first limited production Pro-Star 111. In particular, this guitar was an immediate favorite of the famous musical groups Heart (Nancy Wilson and Howard Leese), Earth, Wind and Fire (Al Harlow), Firefall (Jock Bartley), and many others. Why? Because this guitar enabled a broad range of magical sounds from Les Paul to Strat to ES 335, all coming from a single instrument.

Could it be improved? Well yes. 

And as a result, Bunker Guitars and Dave Bunker are excited to present the newest version of that Pro-Star 111: The 2020 Pro-Star Envy.