Dave Bunker 1935 – 2021

Dave Bunker
Dave Bunker
Dave Bunker


Dave Bunker died of a heart attack on Thursday morning, March 18, 2021. He was the last person to think it was his time to leave us. He was energetically preparing for another decade or more of work before him.  

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  1. Bunker family, I’m so sorry for your loss. I did not know Dave well, but enjoyed his music and seeing his beautiful custom guitars. I still have my Dad’s violin that Uncle Joe made. Dave was incredibly talented. In loving memory, Cousin Kathy

  2. Best wishes to all of Dave’s family. He was by far one of the greatest individuals in this small world. It always amazed me that he was able to make guitar playing seem so easy. When I met Dave, I was looking for a guitar that a handicapped person could play. I had only recently read an article in the Seattle Times about Dave and his new Touch Guitar. He invited me over and promptly demonstrated how I would be able to play his newest creation. I ordered one then and there. I received one of the first new Touch Guitars a few months later. I still don’t play very well, but at least I am able to play.

    Best wishes to the family as you continue to carry on his legacy building great guitars designed by Dave.

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Dave Bunker

Dave Bunker

Dave has been building guitars for more than 60 years. He has introduced many innovations that are now considered features of the finest, custom-made instruments.

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