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In fact, most of our guitars are handcrafted in the Custom Shop. And that’s what makes us entirely different from the generic guitar manufacturers. Whether you want a special design,  a signature model,  or simply a departure from the normal, your future is reflected by our name. Every instrument is built only for you.

We are famous luthiers. We’re good. We don’t stamp out instruments by the hundreds. Either did Antonio Stradivari.


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Custom Shop Bunker Archtop Hollow Body

Dave Bunker:Over the last millennium all arch top guitars were cured by the steaming and heating of wood. This process resulted in stress and warping which, over time, caused a change to the shape and integrity of the original guitar structure. Another problem was that this process was unable to control the string tension so the tops would pull up, making the guitars hard to play. In 1992, we discovered a completely new method which eliminated these problems.” 


Bunker Guitars Custom Shop BAT

The line of NOVA and BAT guitars incorporated a process that built a complete instrument out of three separate pieces of wood with absolutely no stress from steaming or bending. This was a Bunker First in the industry. The process further took all string tension from the surface of the instrument and designed the heralded “Wishbone Bridge”. Added to these guitars were the Sustanium Tension Free Neck™ which let the guitar or bass have un-restricted sustain and vibration from the distal nut end to the full body of the guitar. Beginning in 1993 and continuing into 2020, over five more patents have been issued improving upon this innovative guitar design by Bunker.


The great artist and entrepreneur Arlen Roth has stated that it is simply the finest guitar he has ever played.  


A word from one of our customers...

Custom Shop: Arlen Roth

"Hot Licks Video"
Musician, singer, author, teacher

Now that I’m the proud owner of one of your great new archtop guitars, I find it hard to describe the joy of playing this instrument. It’s perhaps the easiest and most forgiving instrument I’ve ever played, and it’s an absolute beauty to look at.

I’ve also found that the guitar lends itself equally to both fingerstyle and flatpick techniques.

How can I find fault with an instrument like this? It’s just too pretty, too great sounding and too wonderful to play! Thanks again for your incredible design work and musical vision. You’ve truly created a masterpiece that puts a “work of art” into the hands of other artists. I look forward to every minute I play this guitar, and it’s far and away one of the finest instruments I’ve ever owned.

Other Custom Shop Guitars


Bunker Guitars NOVA construction

Dave Bunker: “First built in 1993, my goal with the NOVA AT-200 was to incorporate size, weight and balance with sound reflection, comfort and usability over a broad range of musical uses. These goals, when accomplished, led to a small 13 x 16 inch, acoustic looking full hollow body, with no bent or stressed wood, and an instrument with a very noticeable acoustic sound when amplified. It also led to a new patent called the “Wishbone Bridge” which removed all of the string tension from the guitar’s top, allowing it to vibrate freely, and creating a longer, stronger sustaining effect. It also had little or no tendency to feed back when used in modern music.”


Bunker Guitars Custom Shop BAT

Dave Bunker: “In 1998, after the great success of the NOVA, the BAT was built around identical  technologies, yet with one additional intent: to make the body a full 16.5 x 19.5 inches using many jazz and blues type guitars as a standard. I also wanted a deeper archtop and carved back. By adding the patented Wishbone Bridge™ and Sustanium Tension Free Neck™, the BAT became a lighter, more sustained tonal instrument. Those who use this guitar are amazed at its light-weight, balanced sound and comfort. Because we do not, and never will, build two identical instruments, we customize each one to the personal specifications of our customers.

But what if you want a Custom Shop Rock and Roll style guitar! Well, you came to the right place.

It's the Powerful

MVP Magnum!

Bunker Guitars Chrome Logo

The Bunker MVP Magnum is a chambered body American made guitar. It has features like the Sustanium Tension Free Neck™ and the Magnum Bridge that are simply not available on any other instrument in its class. The MVP Magnum’s extraordinary features and design are better than any other pocketed neck guitar.

Dave Bunker perfected the MPV Magnum over many years to be what it is today: “…a perfectly balanced, American made, pocketed guitar, with a hand crafted, archtop chambered body. The MVP screams like a Les Paul and plays like a Strat! The perfect Rock Guitar!”

All parts are made in the USA.


For more than 60 years, we’ve been in the business of satisfying the demands of our customers. We have learned that a musician’s recommendation by word-of-mouth is more valuable than an advertising budget of millions.

Ours is a small, family run business that talks to our customers…before we build their masterpiece.

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