Bunker Electronic Mute System

Unfinished Pro Star

For over 60 years, I have wanted to broaden the sound from any stringed musical instrument’s strings. I developed such an innovation due to my work on the Dave Bunker “Touch Guitar,” originally patented as the DuoLectar. I certainly do not discount the value of typical, 6+bobbin-wrapped string pickups that have been our standard for […]

Guitar Bridges

Guitar Bridge

Since their patent in the late 1950s, the Bunker Individual Bridges have gained notoriety with many famous bass guitarists’ endorsements. (See Testimonials page.) The patents for my Individual Bridge Systems were prompted by the demands of the innovative Touch Guitar, which is a tapping style of instrument. The Touch Guitar required a quicker and more […]

The Stolen Broadcaster Guitar

Fender Broadcaster Guitar

In 1962 I brought my guitar ideas to Leo Fender at a Chicago NAMM Show hosted by my friend Irby Mandrell, father of 10-year-old Barbara, later to become the famous country music star. Because of those early designs, I became an associate of Leo Fender over the next decade. On this day, I had traveled […]

The Black Devon Guitar

Epiphone Headstock

In many ways, this luthier/guitar/music history story began nearly 400 years ago in England’s Old Country. I believe an awareness deeply embedded in my spirit may have set me on the path to accepting guitars and music in my life. It has been an incredible journey that has been with me throughout my life. I […]

The Guitar Neck Sound

Bunker Guitars Tension Free Neck

If the neck is truly the most critical part of your new guitar, why hasn’t it changed in the last 100+ years? Is there anything better? How could I make the guitar neck sound even better? One day, now many years ago, when I was just a boy, I was toying with a piece of […]

Eddie Van Halen Death

Van Halen Portrait

Just this morning, when I opened my computer, I found out that a friend of mine, Eddie Van Halen, had just died. What a great loss this is to his family and friends and the guitar and creative music world. I think that probably the greatest draw I ever had at a NAMM (National Association […]