The V-60 Pro-Star

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Dave Bunker demonstrates Tension Free Neck

The guitar shown at the top of our Home Page, has the same production design as the first one we ever built.

The First:
I was just a kid helping my dad organize stacks of silver, green, and a whole assortment of colored and padded metal flake bodies. These were Dad’s first production single-neck tension-free floating-neck guitars. He was ahead of his time. He built guitars like this one for his band and other musician friends. Back in the sixties, when he was playing at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Johnny Paycheck was one of those friends.

The Last:
This was also the last guitar that my dad built, albeit with his newest technology included, technology that he perfected and was well known for throughout the guitar world. Dad and I finished this guitar just days before he passed away unexpectedly in March 2021. We were building this guitar as a special order for a collector and guitar historian who was doing a book on famous vintage guitars and builders. He is featuring this guitar as one of them. This updated version is still available and is called V-60 Pro-Star Bunker Guitar.

Dave Bunker, Jr.