Howard Leese of Heart

 Howard Leese of Heart, one of the many musicians over the last 40 years to play Tension-Free-Neck Bunker Guitars and Basses. 

Sixty Years of
Hand Crafted Instruments

Builders of the American made Prestige line of IBANEZ Guitars incorporating  the Sustanium Tension Free Neck™.

Dave Bunker from the Seattle Times

“Dave Bunker is the modern day Antonio Stradavari.”   The Seattle Times

Below are some of Bunker Guitars strongest sellers. Ask the great stage performers who play them. From the Classic “STATS” Deluxe to the Pro-Star Envy to the GTB Bass, we make the best…for the best. 

Industry Innovations 

Why We Are The Finest

Four generations under a single luthier name: Bunker. Building the highest quality guitars and satisfying the needs of demanding musicians world-wide. We are small, family-owned and operated, and we always deliver. Our outstanding reputation leads a path to our door. Read Bunker Guitars history, our industry endorsements, our testimonials, and you will agree: Bunker Builds the Best!

Pro-Star ENVY
Bunker STATS
Classic STATS
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A quality instrument will step up your abilities in music!

Research the Bunker name in guitars and you will find a rich history of integrity and innovation.
From the Ground Up, we build master guitars

Stump to Stage

We’re known for choosing every element that goes into your final instrument: trees, tonewoods, electronicsneck stock, fretboard, bridges, and many other peripherals. We’ve got a hand in everything! Dave Bunker was a young logger when he started the company with his flagship invention of the Touch Guitar. Dave retained that logging experience to help build this company from the ground up. 

What People Say About Bunker Guitars

Musician Testimonials

Angels, Aliens and Guitars

Don't Forget Dave's Book

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